Product Design Concepts


Souvenir market takes a big part of tourism market share in any country with rich cultural heritage. The common souvenirs around historic sites normally release in the shape of small badges or sculptures of that historic site or, some handcrafts which are relative of the local culture or of the general specific culture of that nation. This study uses system service and UX design methodologies(explain), to increase the interaction between user and souvenir provider through creating an online personalizable souvenir system which expands existed local market to international global market. Parametric design is used as a tool for generating personalizable algorithms of geometries. The final designed system enables the user to personalize his/her demanding souvenir in and from the historic site. In another word the system provides design capacities for any user in any level of design knowledge to make his/her own desired design while committed to stay with the original geometries.


Moduled is a study of new led technologies in the body of creative products which was lead by Lumencenteritalia and Sapienza University of Rome. Our team was about to search new concepts for elaborating creative use of LEDs in the body of new Product. In the first step, the team started benchmarking in the light market to find all the competitors and existing Ideas, everything about the making process of Led lampas, Technical limitations,  Mental effects of different lights, ergonomics and also the philosophic concepts about light. The next step, we moved on brainstorming and coming up with any probable concept. we sketched many ideas from different angles to have a better understanding of the aesthetic aspects of the idea. In the last step, the concepts were shared with a committee of Lumencenteritalia president and professors of Sapienza university. The final concept was chosen subsequently and after the last revision with the committee and the professors, the team moved for prototyping, 3d modeling, and rendering.

TrackMe System

TrackMe System is a service design study of the master of product design in La Sapienza University. Our primary group focus was in dog wally in Villa Borghese. The association considers a part of the villa for members to walk their dogs around the area. In the first step, we made a field survey of the members to understand their direct and indirect problems and issues while walking dogs. The results of the study showed us that the most apparent problem is tracking dogs continuously especially when the dog is unleashed and plays around the other dogs.

Biomimicry Design

Designing a shelter inspired by nature (pine tree ) that has a fairly fast reaction to the weather changes and also it could be capable to be installed in public spaces with an optimum production and consumption and saving energy. Researchers during their researches on pine tree wood concluded that the fibrous tissue of pine wood has a great feature in response to relative humidity. Because of the high capacity to absorb and retain water ( moisture ) in the wood and also its significant feature of transformation in a short time, that is completely reversible.base on these features a preliminary model is presented .the component consist of two critical parts: a load bearing substructures, and 2 moisture sensitive veneer composite elements.