Moduled is a study of new led technologies in the body of creative products which was lead by Lumencenteritalia and Sapienza University of Rome. Our team was about to search new concepts for elaborating creative use of LEDs in the body of new Product. In the first step, the team started benchmarking in the light market to find all the competitors and existing Ideas, everything about the making process of Led lampas, Technical limitations,  Mental effects of different lights, ergonomics and also the philosophic concepts about light. The next step, we moved on brainstorming and coming up with any probable concept. we sketched many ideas from different angles to have a better understanding of the aesthetic aspects of the idea. In the last step, the concepts were shared with a committee of Lumencenteritalia president and professors of Sapienza university. The final concept was chosen subsequently and after the last revision with the committee and the professors, the team moved for prototyping, 3d modeling, and rendering.