TrackMe System

TrackMe System is a service design study of the master of product design in La Sapienza University of Rome. Our primary group focus was in dog wally in Villa Borghese. The association considers a part of the villa for members to walk their dogs around the area. In the first step, we made a field survey of the members to understand their direct and indirect problems and issues while walking dogs. The results of the study showed us that the most apparent problem is tracking dogs continuously especially when the dog is unleashed and plays around the other dogs. Therefore the central concept formed in about tracking system assistant that helps dog owners understand where is their dog precisely around them. The system consists of the following components

1_ An RFID tag that attaches to the dog leash.

2_ Speakers hanged from trees around the part containing an RFID reader.

3_ Three big Tubas in the park exits for calling dogs and making a little bit of fun.

The system works like this that every member of the association receives an RFID tag with a particular sound or music for his/her dog. Whenever the dog comes close to one of the speakers, the speaker reacts with the respected sound for the dog RFID.

Big Tubas are going to use for calling dogs from each entry of the park.