Roz is a developed concept for the farming situation to be able to move through normal roads, farm and off roads in general. The main shape idea inspired from western cowboys horses saddle. Once I was searching in car body design a competition news ford truck design popped up, I got interested in and started to search around it immediately. Unfortunately, I was busy at the same time but I decided to work on it as an independent project for my personal portfolio. The result of primary searches cleared me that I’m faced with a multi-functional car which its user’s community is American farmers who have special characteristics, emotional and outward, I figured out their emotional atmosphere is rough, strike and somehow aggressive and outward part is also fallowing the same features visual interpretation. Therefore I started to evoke the visual signs of these emotional and outward characteristics. In the sketching part, I tried to close these aspects to ford trucks main visual features. The conclusion was a bulky truck farmers who want to commute between city and farm, I used hard edges to show an aggressive and trustable shape. Lather part on the top and leashes in sides are singing to represent the visual soul of cowboys.